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In addition, some members of the Solanaceae family, which include tobacco, contain chemical(s) that were amongst the strongest inactivators of nNOS.
AROMASIN, currently approved for the treatment of advanced breast cancer in postmenopausal women failing tamoxifen, is the first and only oral drug in a new class of therapies called aromatase inactivators.
Although more specific inhibitors and inactivators of SAHase have been tested, among them 2-chloroadenosine, aristeromycin, eritadenine, adenosine dialdehyde, and adenine arabinofuranoside [14], they either competed with the anti-SAH antibody or failed to inactivate the enzyme completely within acceptable incubation times or concentrations (data not shown).
It is the first and only oral drug in a class of aromatase inactivators.