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They must see the land run red with the blood of those who offer a futile resistance, but they themselves must stand by inactive.
Too joyfully restless to remain inactive any longer, they jumped up again from the seat.
A WEASEL, inactive from age and infirmities, was not able to catch mice as he once did.
His muscles had remained inactive so long, and he was so out of practice in maintaining an erect position, that he could scarcely stand.
To stand there, inactive, while a negro struck down that brave girl of my own race
At eight o'clock the next morning the first stroke of the pickaxe was struck upon the soil of Florida; and from that moment that prince of tools was never inactive for one moment in the hands of the excavators.
The larvae of insects, whether adapted to the most diverse and active habits, or quite inactive, being fed by their parents or placed in the midst of proper nutriment, yet nearly all pass through a similar worm-like stage of development; but in some few cases, as in that of Aphis, if we look to the admirable drawings by Professor Huxley of the development of this insect, we see no trace of the vermiform stage.
After feeding, the uncovered craw protrudes; at such times, and indeed generally, the Carrancha is an inactive, tame, and cowardly bird.
A man of so energetic spirit could not long remain inactive, and within two years he was preaching in the surrounding villages.
The frying-pan seemed to be held, inactive, behind the beneficent bars of the broiler.
In this case our ordinary system of habits--those which we call expressive of our 'real selves'-- inhibit or quench (keep inactive or partially inactive) those habits and instinctive tendencies which belong largely in the past"(p.
My impatience to reach the church was so great that I could not remain inactive in the cottage while the clerk lit the lantern again.