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KARACHI -- Expressing its serious displeasure over the inactiveness of both federal and provincial government, the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday gave seven-day deadline to the government to appoint regular Inspector General Police Sindh and formed an investigation committee under DSP Sukkur, to ascertain facts and register FIR in the Shikarpur Karokari case.
JK s administrative inactiveness and indifference of the Planning Commission of India (PCI) has taken a toll on the development in the State.
Turkmens in Tuz Khurmatu started demonstrating to protest against the inactiveness of security forces in their area.
Members of the legislative and constitutional committee of the Shura Council criticised the inactiveness of the committee delegated to pursue and recover smuggled assets.
Biocompatibility can be defined broadly as chemical inactiveness of a material, when introduced into the human body, thus making it safe for use as implants.
The shocking video has sparked nationwide protests, with one social worker, Shavita Laad, saying: "It speaks in volume about the moral degradation of a few sections of people and also, it speaks in volumes about the inactiveness of the administration.
In our study, African Americans and females were at a higher risk for physical inactiveness when compared to their counterparts.