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There were still inadequacies in our supply chain of formula milk.
1 -- 2 -- color) ``What I do is sort of turn the volume up on my foibles and inadequacies and neuroses to aid the comedy,'' says Steve Coogan, the quirky star of ``Tristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story.
If a proposal meets--only meets--the requirements of an adequate or acceptable proposal, that particular aspect will not have any strengths, inadequacies, or deficiencies.
The court held that the sheriff was not subject to liability under [section] 1983 as a result of the inmate's death, but only to the extent that jail inadequacies were the result of the facility's design, rather than inadequacies in the facility's day-to-day maintenance.
Mark's Elvin's essay employs Braudel's categories but concentrates mainly on the inadequacies of his largely uninformed and evasive views on China both in the The Mediterraneam and in later works.
Once again, we hear a tale of woeful inadequacies in a system designed to care for the vulnerable but which is failed time and again by human error.
Despite their inadequacies, most of the people Eddie encounters see the boy's potential.
Chapters six and seven give the reader further insight into the inadequacies surrounding welfare reform efforts by highlighting issues such as declining wages, the absence of affordable housing for low and moderate-income persons, and the growing disparity between the rich and poor.
As well, Krishna called on the government to continue negotiations with the Coalition for Legal Aid Traffic Reform to redress "the inadequacies in legal aid certificate funding".
He says he was only eight years old when he first thought suicide might be the best way to deal with his perceived inadequacies.
That grief is the more acute because it is mixed with family comedy, disappointments, old sorrows, and sharp criticism of the inadequacies of a depersonalized medicine: "On her medical record she officially became a treatment failure--not someone whom the treatment failed, but someone who had failed the treatment.
The SEC is concerned with possible inadequacies in disclosures about positions in derivative instruments.