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Did she put the paper down wearily, condemning it not only for its inadequacy but for its falsity?
In the same instant he was aware of the pitiful inadequacy of speech.
The inadequacy of the boys who took the part of the women-characters is alluded to by Shakspere and must have been a source of frequent irritation to any dramatist who was attempting to present a subtle or complex heroine.
The volatile truth of our words should continually betray the inadequacy of the residual statement.
In times of sorrow or emotion his inadequacy had pained her, but it was pleasant to listen to him now, and to watch his thick brown moustache and high forehead confronting the stars.
His immediately following observations, however, show the inadequacy of his criteria of "force" and "faintness.
All sorts of feeble explanations, of appeals to him, occurred to her dimly, only to be rejected by reason of their ridiculous inadequacy.
While the majority of Americans are lacking adequate nutrient intake, the study revealed that overweight and obese adults are at a higher risk for nutrient inadequacy.
The report also highlights inadequacy of the feed business operators safety management system and also to inadequacies in the inspection regime.
SAN FRANCISCO -- In what may be the first study of the prevalence of vitamin D inadequacy in patients seeking treatment for chronic pain, those who were on opioids used significantly higher doses and had been taking opioids significantly longer if they had vitamin D inadequacy than if they had adequate vitamin D levels, Dr.
Among 69 patients with vitamin D inadequacy, 38 were using opioids, and 31 were not.