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A recently-completed phase II programme has showed positive results in RA patients responding inadequately to ongoing treatment with MTX.
In addition to the inadequately supported costs of the Lincoln Navigator, this luxury vehicle may not have been an appropriate choice for the executive director's vehicle," auditors wrote.
cutting boards and utensils were inadequately sanitized, and the same scale was used for raw meats as well as cooked pork).
Auricular hematoma is an injury that can lead to cauliflower-ear deformity if inadequately treated.
Proceedings were marked by an awareness of how established terms inadequately describe the new intersection of activities once considered irreconcilable.
Cleaning products for use in the home are inadequately labeled, with minimal precaution notices.
But CB 7 believes that While the height limits are confusing and often contradictory, it is concerned the buildings will be too high in R7-2 and R8 zones; the rules don't adjust bonus allotments for inclusionary housing to account for the new building envelopes; inadequately defines and regulates space for mechanical equipment and bulkheads; and allows higher bulk limits for inadequately defined community facilities.
Limiting himself to high theory inadequately tested against reality, Dodgshon's explanation of change veers off on unproductive tangents.
QBI's principal objective is to establish the company's gene discovery technologies as platforms for developing and commercializing therapeutic and diagnostic products for those major diseases that are inadequately served by current therapeutic and diagnostic alternatives.
The new NMFS rules will build upon existing local laws on urban sprawl, water quality and shoreline management--many of which have been inadequately implemented, according to the Sierra Club's Northwest Regional Director, Bill Arthur.
Instead, the researchers say, BSE results from a self-limiting autoimmune syndrome purely attributable to the inadequately treated animal feeds of the early 1980s.
First, the projects are inadequately structured--technically, financially, institutionally and politically.