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That which, according to established legal principles, cannot be received into evidence at a trial for consideration by the jury or judge in reaching a determination of the action.

Evidence, for example, that is obtained as a result of an unlawful Search and Seizure is inadmissible, as is Hearsay.


adjective banned, barred, disallowed, disapproved, excepted, excluded, improper, inapplicable, inapposite, inappropriate, incompetent, ineligible, inlicitus, irrelevant, not admitted, not allowed, not capable of being introduced as evidence, not included, not receivable as evvdence, not receivable in evidence, not to be admitted, not to be allowed, not wanted, objectionable, prohibited, rejected, suppressed, undue, unfit, unfitted, unreceivable, unsuitable, wrong
Associated concepts: inadmissible evidence, inadmissible statement, inadmissible testimony, incompetent testimony
See also: impertinent, improper, inapplicable, inapposite, inappropriate, inapt, ineligible, inept, irrelevant, unsuitable

INADMISSIBLE. What cannot be received. Parol evidence, for example, is inadmissible to contradict a written agreement.

References in classic literature ?
My friends the wood-cutters were likewise scandalized, and with a better show of reason--though I admit that the reason itself was quite inadmissible.
The dictionary is, I fear, inadmissible for the same reason.
Le ministre de la Jeunesse et des Sports, El-Hadi Ould Ali, a juge vendredi a Brazzaville que laisser la selection algerienne de handball (messieurs) sans entraineur, depuis fevrier 2015, etait [beaucoup moins que] inadmissible [beaucoup plus grand que].
Today I repeat what I have already reiterated on many occasions: it is inadmissible to tamper with the powers of the prime minister in any way whatsoever," he said is a statement delivered following his meeting with former lawmaker Wajih Baarini in Akkar.
The court gave its verdict today and said that the petition is inadmissible.
And as Charity's confession is deemed inadmissible, will she get to make another confession to Cain - about how she really luuurves him?
According to the author, it is inadmissible enough to ask Greece or Cyprus, i.
Plevnelievas comments came in response to accusations by Russiaas Foreign Ministry of using inadmissible rhetoric against the country in an interview for F.
Any talk of Assad's resignation being a precondition for the Geneva conference is inadmissible," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday, adding that fighting against terrorism was a priority for those who wanted to settle the crisis in Syria, press tv reported.
Prohibition and restriction of a peaceful assembly is inadmissible," the Ombudsman said.
Pour sa part, le president du groupe de l'USFP, Ahmed Zaidi a estime que [beaucoup moins que]cet acte perpetre contre un ministre au sein d'un gouvernement de la majorite, egalement gouvernement de l'opposition et du peuple marocain, est inadmissible et condamnable et ne peut etre accepte sous aucun pretexte[beaucoup plus grand que].
Applications posted after 17 January 2014 shall be deemed inadmissible.