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This unfortunate case illustrates the inadvisability of customers with medical problems from going on a Sun Deal where the resort is unknown in advance.
The inadvisability of the policy outlined in Notice 98-11 is underscored by the substantive issues it raises in respect of other Subpart F provisions.
No wonder that the New York Transit Authority welcomed Barbara Kruger's full-wrap propaganda bus (with, among other quotes, one from Frantz Fanon about the inadvisability of ideology that should reassure even the most opportunistic Clinton policy wonk), while it tried to find a way to get Calvin Klein ads off the subway.
Though there was some doubt on the matter, when it became clear that Chiluba was determined to go ahead with these much-criticised plans to disenfranchise Kaunda, President Mandela was moved to intervene and invited the Zambian president to Pretoria in an attempt to counsel Chiluba on the blatantly undemocratic nature and inadvisability of such a move.
While a detailed account of the current situation could have an adverse effect upon fund-raising, this must be balanced against the inadvisability of injecting something into the Canadian War Museum which does not belong there.
8% of the Company's outstanding Common Stock, (ii) their stated intention, reported by their Schedule 13D, to take certain actions including "offering proposals to the [Company] which may concern changes to the capitalization, ownership structure (including a potential sale of the [Company]), the advisability or inadvisability of acquisitions by the [Company], board composition, management composition, or operations of the [Company]" and (iii) their unwillingness, despite the Special Committee's request for an earlier meeting, to agree to meet with the Special Committee until the week of July 12, 2010.
I'm on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body, as well as the inadvisability of staying out this late," replied my pal.
Nevertheless, care is required in selecting the set of models to pool, as shown by Hendry and Reade (2008b); an analogy would be the inadvisability of mixing a glass of poison with glasses of pure water, then drinking the combination.
INTERESTING to read the reply from Ceri Thomas (Viewpoints, January 17) regarding my comments concerning the inadvisability of introducing an A* grade for students at A-level.
Ott's argument in a previous issue of this journal regarding the inadvisability of posthumously promoting Billy Mitchell ("Maj Gen William 'Billy' Mitchell: a Pyrrhic Promotion," Winter 2006).
I was a December baby and what really bugs me about that (apart from the inadvisability of holding outdoor parties) is when people wrap my birthday present in Christmas paper (as for people who try to combine my Christmas and birthday present - don't even get me started).
But the inadvisability of working the crowd up any more than they already are was highlighted by the disgraceful attack on the referee as the teams left the pitch at half time.