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Yes, its inane qualities provoke easy laughs, but CBS' recent ``Category 7: The End of the World'' demonstrated that audiences love kooky carnage.
Of course, we allow a certain license to art writers, so who knows, maybe bringing in Velazquez and the Pope and the teddy bear isn't as strained, pretentious, and inane as it seems.
Now we can look forward to Euro 2008 without the inane chatter from English commentators and mentions of the 1966 World Cup - well maybe not, I am sure they will still manage to slip it into any game Germany play.
IT is hard to imagine that an MP, Mr Hepburn should be given so many column inches in your paper to conduct a childish, vacuous inane political tirade
We must not shut down debate by inane shouts of "Islam-aphobia".
The INANE community, representing editors of credible and reputable nursing journals, believes that it is imperative to inform nurses of the harm inherent in this new hazard that has arrived in the publishing scene.
TODAY'S esteemed PISH award (Politician's Inane, Shallow Haverings) goes to one half of that dynamic duo, Vatman and Dobbin.
Can we please have at least a couple of weeks over the Christmas period or hopefully for longer when we are spared the inane rantings of this tedious man?
The defining factor in all these shows is how well a contestant manages to pull through an inane Bollywood act.
Spraying some inane message on a rock or in a wadi, all for the self-serving satisfaction of saying they were there.
My father completed 30 years' police service and clarifi-cation of what was exactly said may prevent further inane speculation, bringing to a conclusion the never-ending saga about the word of a police of-ficer.
These Royalists have put forward the most silly and inane reasons for supporting the monarchy.