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I give you the Dell Guy, for example, that pigeon-toed, spastic-moving, inanely grinning former salesman for Dell Computers in TV ads.
So, in the midst of all the carnage, you could still find the likes of Richard Whitely on Countdown and Richard and Judy wittering on inanely.
Weatherman Mark McEwen spends most of the show outdoors, chattering inanely with passers-by on the opposite side of conspicuous barricades; Clayson and even Gumbel have also trekked outside for bits, standing awkwardly to conduct interviews while rifling through sheaves of paper.
while grinning inanely and continuing the task I'd gone in for.
If you don't knock on my door at inconvenient times grinning inanely and trying to convince me to embrace what I find ludicrous and sometimes offensive beliefs, I won't knock on your door scowling and trying to convert you to atheism.
When not gurning, grimacing or grinning inanely, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are blowing off in practically every other scene.
Ah freedom, I think, and wander from the bathroom naked, see movement in my peripheral vision down the corridor and leap backwards for shelter and a towel before I recognise Thomas, grinning inanely.
Cardiff Met couldn't have known when they made the video that John would by now be in serious hot water over inanely sexist remarks that he made about the new Wimbledon Ladies Champion, Marion Bartoli.
Mainly, I'm sickened by the pathetic "fnaar, fnaar" air that hangs over the event, and the lamentable conversations I've had with people about getting tickets for the Games that have culminated in the person with whom I'm talking grinning inanely and saying: "Shame I couldn't get any for the beach volleyball
With the all-singing all-dancing EastEnders live 25th anniversary episode looming, the Beeb's overhyped Archie-bargy dirge is too inanely implausible to be even remotely compelling.