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But those of you who like The Fast Show, Chewin' The Fat and fast, inanely funny comedy will love this.
Monkey noises and boos rang around the ground and the Spanish fans smiled inanely.
While he wittered on inanely about England, a couple of Portuguese lovelies decided to go for a swim and stood up topless behind him.
On Day Nine of his self-imposed incarceration, the magician revealed he can't stop thinking about what to eat and has caught himself giggling inanely.
Items, such as a spoof phone-in with guest Boy George - who looked embarrassed as he giggled inanely at Gayle's routine - were flat and uninspired.
I hate the fact that if you are a woman on TV you have to keep grinning inanely, or you'll probably never work again.
I was so happy, so up for the cup, grinning so unbelievably inanely that even John Docherty was heard to remark: "Who's the really happy person?
As long as Clare has yet another vehicle to chat inanely to people - that's OK.
If you don't knock on my door at inconvenient times grinning inanely and trying to convince me to embrace what I find ludicrous and sometimes offensive beliefs, I won't knock on your door scowling and trying to convert you to atheism.
Not to mention mastering the skill of chatting inanely on mobile phones whilst driving.
When not gurning, grimacing or grinning inanely, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are blowing off in practically every other scene.