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Nobody exited that night in a state of indifference, and Morris earned the enviable reputation of being politically incorrect years before the world went gaga over such inanities.
To communicate the picture's non-stop barrage of cliches, platitudes and media inanities ("Frigidity: blessing or curse?
The main interest this time is not reliving personal suffering in a social context but observing and delineating a social context itself, the inanities of American culture as compared to other cultures, but with the unstated inference that other cultures have their inanities too.
The viewer can easily imagine them nattering about inanities into eternity.
And we begin to live the consequences of our belief: that we can start over, that the routines of the past can be reengaged, that the old comforting inanities of sex and career and money and friends can once more be unrestrainedly part of our world.
Musing on skydiving's appeal to him, Nuzum explains, "The simple act of stepping off the tailgate carried me beyond the world of finance, mergers, IPOs, reversals, frustrations and inanities.
He has proposed to see society and culture through the lens of emotions, without stooping to the inanities of many psychological explanations.
The result is a witty, often rebarbative attack on the various inanities spewed forth by the two "PCs"--the patriotically correct and the politically correct.
Any subject suited Nash, but he was especially fond of the inanities of modern urban society--his sardonic mood stops just short of helpless exasperation.
At his best, writing on the transitory promises and lasting inanities of pop culture, Goldstein finds his way into some of his characters-and then extricates himself just in time.
Oh, they are like empty tin cans, so noisy with their inanities while contributing nothing to improving the lives of Filipinos and our country's development.