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4[degrees]C), lethargy, depression, and inappetance.
Inappetance can be fatal in bunnies so if you are going to attempt further investigations or treatment I would recommend getting some special rabbit recovery food to syringe feed if needed.
7) Cryptosporidium parvum is also one of the main causes of cryptosporidiosis in people, along with Cryptosporidium hominis, (8) Cryptosporidium serpentis is well known in snakes, in which it causes hypertrophic gastritis, often characterized by weight loss, regurgitation, and inappetance, (9) whereas Cryptosporidium muris predominantly affects rodents but does not cause disease in snakes.
Other programs, including programs for inappetance in cats, postoperative pain in cats, KIND-012 for fever in horses, and feline erythropoeitin, continue to advance as previously planned.
The animals of group III showed dysphagia and inappetance up to 20 days, while it was continued throughout the study in group II.
The 3 affected animals had clinical signs that included lethargy, inappetance, dyspnea, nasal discharge, and coughing.
Symptoms of acute aflatoxicosis in mammals include: inappetance, lethargy, ataxia, rough hair coat, and pale, enlarged fatty livers.
The clinical symptoms included high temperature (107[degrees]F), dullness, depression and inappetance.
Occasionally, and especially with FCV, mouth ulcers can cause inappetance that requires naso-gastric tubing to allowassisted feeding and FHV can be responsible for painful eyeulcers, but rarely does either virus cause death.
The company's pipeline includes more than fifteen product candidates targeting pain, inappetance, cancer, viral diseases, allergy and other serious medical conditions.
The bird had presented to a local veterinarian for lethargy, inappetance, and regurgitation of 2 days duration.
Clinical signs and serologic findings for 40 dogs exposed to equine influenza virus, Australia, October 2007 * Dog Breed Age/sex Clinical signs 1 Cattle dog x 6 mo/F Cough 2 Whippet 6 mo/F Cough, inappetance, lethargy, nasal discharge 3 Rottweiler UK Cough, lethargy 4 Dalmation 3 y/MN Cough, inappetance, lethargy 5 Kelpi x 9.