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Dolly looked nervously round, fearing that she had been inappropriate.
As Professor Muirhead continues to lend the distinction of his name to the Library of Philosophy it seemed not inappropriate to allow him to recall us to these aims in his own words.
She felt that at that moment she could not put into words the sense of shame, of rapture, and of horror at this stepping into a new life, and she did not want to speak of it, to vulgarize this feeling by inappropriate words.
He thought me dangerous with Hermann, more than with the girl herself; but, as to quarrelling, I saw at once how inappropriate the word was.
For that reason, when he looked up he was startled by the inappropriate character of his wife's stare.
If to the Western reader they appear shocking, inappropriate, or even improper, it must be remembered that as to the first this may be the effect of my crude statement.
As they went along, certainly one of the party, and probably more than one, thought that Bleeding Heart Yard was no inappropriate destination for a man who had been in official correspondence with my lords and the Barnacles--and perhaps had a misgiving also that Britannia herself might come to look for lodgings in Bleeding Heart Yard some ugly day or other, if she over-did the Circumlocution Office.
The data show that treating patients with Medtronic implantable cardiac devices equipped with SmartShockTM Technology, and that providing clinicians with proactive reports, help physicians deliver lifesaving therapy while avoiding inappropriate and unnecessary shocks.
Alun Rees denies historical allegations of making inappropriate comments to, and initiating inappropriate conversations with female pupils from Llantarnam School, Cwmbran, in 2003.
And for good measure, anti-racism campaigner Paul Elliott apologised for calling fellow footballer Richard Rufus the n-word in an SMS (whatever that is), saying: "It is inappropriate and not part of my everyday vocabulary.
A CASE of an inappropriate disclosure to the media from within Cleveland Police is under investigation.
Mark Halperin's comments this morning were completely inappropriate and unacceptable.