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I didn't see last year's late-season recast, but the highly praised Bryn Terfel could hardly have made a slimier or scarier Scarpia than Falk Struckmann, who (despite some very audible tiring towards the end of Act 11) enacted and sang--in a not entirely inapropos Teutonic fashion--as vivid a Roman police chief as I've heard since the glory days of Tito Gobbi and Gabriel Bacquier.
10) But it is not inapropos at all to speak of Pater's "politics," if we accept that "politics" comprises more than political parties, and that even critics such as Pater (and Bloom) "have" a politics of literature.
For this reason alone, Patterson's deployment of Weber is inapropos.
The second criteria, which requires "relative disinterestedness,"(148) may, at first blush, appear inapropos to a domestic intervention in which the coup plotters are anything but disinterested.