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perspective of a utilitarian, a rule might seem inapt because adopting
The court's comparison of Gutierrez and Roe is likewise inapt.
In this context, to the extent that MNE profitability is derived from unique intra-MNE-intangibles-related transactions, no market price can exist and the ALS is inapt.
However, growing and persistent skills mismatches and especially the failure to handle the transition crisis on the East German labour market showed that these instruments had become inapt in face of growing global competition and fast technological change.
It's an inapt metaphor, giving the mistaken impression that the arsonist is not the one lighting the match but rather the one who allegedly makes the pyromaniac angry.
This would also make an opening for the Players to scoop the titles from an inapt Kane and Bryan.
53) Yet even this analogy is inapt in a significant sense,
In this sense, Minister Kenney's invocation of the " dialogue" metaphor is inapt.
56) Thus, the SROE language indicating a distinction between offensive and defensive operations for the applicability of minimizing collateral damage is inapt.
To Amos Jones, the famous caricature of professors as having little consequence to real people is inapt when the academicians happen to be attorneys.
I could understand if it was a national paper that had the story under the name of Stockton - yet Billingham FC even got a mention on Steve Wright's BBC Radio 2's show - but for a local paper to put "Stockton" instead of "Billingham" seems inapt.
Leipoldt often mentions the "Ayah" (an affectionate if somewhat inapt term for a coloured domestic servant in a white South African household at the time) he grew up with, a domestic servant in his family home from whom he gleaned many of his first impressions of cooking.