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The 1964 surgeon general's warning about the health consequences of cigarette smoking represented a sea change in political rhetoric that began justifying what some have called, perhaps inaptly, "modern sumptuary laws.
47) A patent that inaptly defines its own bounds can be
Keynes frequently compounded the problems of the bad hands he was dealt by playing them inaptly," he writes.
The Americans made many mistakes in our region, They act massively and inaptly.
This is not an entirely new proposal; drawing on the history of education literature, Smilie recounts past efforts to make the inaptly named "lunch hour" productive in terms of student learning.
to inaptly draw inferences regarding the role of institutions and
LinkedIn's inaptly named customer support line does not take customers to an interactive voice response system or a live operator; rather a recorded greeting refers customers to the Help Center link at the bottom of any LinkedIn page.
Since Quentin's identity is based on an artificial construct, its facade inaptly uses past discourse to solve present problems.
On a point of Order, Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri said that imposition of governor rule is once again a big mistake like others adding military rule and others are showing inaptly of the government in this regard.
inadvertent, inaptly named legal system that protects those economic,
Will the inaptly named Arab Spring engender more inclusive politics or fall prey to sectarianism?
Wharton's characterization of him relies heavily on such anecdotes of servants' insistent loyalty: "I have sometimes thought that Howard's old servants represented not inaptly the odd duality of his nature: Robinson his long-suffering sweetness and unselfishness, and the devoted but dour Christina the streak of asperity which sometimes came to the surface" (229).