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Oh, to have been a fly on the wall this Christmas at Sandringham, when she and the Queen came face-to-face after her inaptly named bull terrier, Dottie, savaged one of the Queen's corgis so badly that it had to be put down.
Of course, since the inaptly named Sunnydale is Evil's Ground Zero, freshman hazing for Buffy includes battling a bunch of vampires who ingeniously prey on feeble freshmen, then make their disappearances seem like wimpy flights from the iron grip of academia.
Oprah plays Sethe, a stoical slave who manages to make her getaway from the inaptly named Sweet Home plantation in Kentucky.
It is, therefore, not surprising that such a huge chunk of American juridical life has been devoted to sorting out the often inaptly named church-state debate.
It was desperate Dunc who was the driving force behind the decision to switch the domestic focus from the clubs to the "superdistricts" - surely the most inaptly labelled teams of all time.
Nevertheless, subsequent policy observers have made generous use of Belous's estimates to anchor their own policy recommendations, at best paying little heed to the aforementioned critique, and at worst using the estimates inaptly.
Topping this list is the inaptly named Volunteers of America, which receives 96 percent of its $51- million budget from government sources.
DESPITE normally avoiding the generally inaptly named "reality" TV like the plague it is, I caught some of this week's The Apprentice, which your TV Editor Graham Young writes about (Mail, June 2).
If the inaptly named Argentine horse Asiatic Boy were to produce yet another stunning De Kock training triumph in the Sussex Stakes this afternoon, you can bet the farm that the locals will be hurrying to follow suit.
All that power-dressing and amazonian attitude over cups of tea and scones must have been a powder keg that could have blown the roof off the inaptly named venue, the Gaiety Theatre.
The inaptly named "Krakatoa" (which is, in fact, west of Java), was the last volcano-themed flick to hit big.
But it is not a vision shared by the Government for the inaptly named Ministry of Justice has told the Edwards that it cannot afford to impose longer prison terms on dangerous drivers.