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Due to its inaptness killing of innocent people was continuing.
Pakistani squad poor preparations which resulted in catchdrops and pitiable short selection described poor training and their inaptness to perform in bigpressure games, said a cricketer at a local club.
He said that it was need of the hour that whole opposition parties should get together to offset the impact of the worst governance in the country and the people were facing the startling hardships due to their mismanagement and inaptness as a result.
Hamid Nasir Chattha while criticizing the budget said that due to inaptness the circular debt reached to Rs 400 billion while it further increasing to Rs 30 billion per month.
He said that the present government was an embodiment of mismanagement, inaptness and above all lacked vision and therefore the people of this country were doomed and their hopes of good days had dashed during PML (N) government's watch.
Some call it an error of judgment while others call it inaptness of the bureaucracy.
Women said they arrived at the station early in the morning but due to inefficiency and inaptness of station management trains were not reached after several hours.
According to an APML central information secretariat press release issued here on Monday, he said the condemnation statement by those responsible for maintaining law and order situation was like accepting the inaptness and inefficiency of government.
They said due to inaptness of the rulers situation in Balochistan has become serious and people here were demanding separation.
Addressing the procession religious and political cal leaders said that culprits involved in Mastung and Akhtarabad incidents were moving scot free due to inaptness of Government of Balochistan and administration and they were not arrested yet.
Jamaat also condemned snatching of motorcycles and cycles of newspapers hawkers and hurling threats to them said inaptness of the government and its involvement in corruption, commission, excesses acts of terrorists and conspiracies of anti people elements have grown to a great extent.
She said bill on acid throwing on women passed by National Assembly could not be passed form the Senate despite lapse of several months due to inaptness of the government.