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Although Anderlini includes in her premise that the two female protagonists Teresa and Elena "form an erotic bondage with one another" (71) and that "A confused, still unconscious and inarticulated homosexuality appears as a major motivation of the two women's alliance" (74), her essay provides more of a description of the historical and political climate leading up to Italian Feminism than a detailed and thorough investigation into Ginzburg's use of language to convey the nature and significance of the two female characters' sexual desires.
The employee's restlessness is here not so much proposed as an inarticulated need for efficiency but more precisely as the necessary condition for his creative wandering.
131, 138 (1976) ("Commentators have posited that Latin America has not ratified the ICSID Convention out of some inarticulated fear the ICSID tribunal would be a biased forum, and perhaps a surrogate for diplomatic intervention against the Latin state.
68) Priscian notes, however, a mixed type of vox that, while it can be written, cannot be understood: "aliae autem sunt, quae, quamvis scribantur, tamen inarticulatae dicuntur, cum nihil significent, ut 'coax', 'cra'" (There are other voices which, even though they are written, are nevertheless said to be inarticulated since they do not mean anything, such as "coax" [the voice of a frog] and "cra" [the voice of a crow]).
Still, needs are the same all over: "Improved cost-performance, new or enhanced claims that meet a previously inarticulated need and perceived environmental friendliness are perennial drivers," said Mr.
Helmer Thomas Arslan refines this idea with serene confidence in "A Fine Day," concise and intuitive tale of one young woman's inarticulated restlessness that completes the filmmaker's promised trilogy on the trials and tribulations of German-born Turks in contempo Berlin.