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On the other hand, the great English Shakespearean actor William Charles Macready noted in his diary in 1836, "Finished Mansfield Park, which hurried with a very inartificial and disagreeable rapidity to its conclusion, leaving some opportunities for most interesting and beautiful scenes particularly the detailed expression of the 'how and the when' [Edmund's] love was turned from Miss Crawford to Fanny Price" (119).
xv--the beginning of a section on inartificial proofs ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII])--the philosopher lists the proofs (laws, witnesses, contracts, torture, and oaths), and says (I.
Hutson charts how this forensic training--in making one's account of some action sound true by mounting artificial and inartificial proofs--filtered throughout early modern England as processes of justice involved more and more people.
Though rude and inartificial, it is capable of connection together, in the imagination, the grandest and the most seemingly disjointed appearances in the heavens" (IV.