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For example, in the Aristotelian tradition, the means of persuasion divide into artistic or inartistic and are considered as modes of proof--as anything summoned in support of a given piece of rhetoric's intended aim.
Further, like Plato, Aristotle's reform of rhetoric involves, in part, the development of a non-mechanical psychology that moves rhetoric from an inartistic manipulation to an art seeking to effect persuasion.
Needless to say, this genre readily engages design sensibilities of a puritanically reductionist, pathologically inartistic cast.
Below are Mercury's 2013 "Best of the Worst Claims," which highlight some of the inartistic methods people enlisted to beat the system.
The shocking part is also inartistic, and so I can not comfort myself by a superior standpoint.
His attention to precision, however trite and inartistic his sound may seem to the uninitiated, left an indelible mark on Robinson.
This weekend brought them both to our region, with the much-admired Kidderminster Choral Society presenting the Britten on Saturday in what is a tiny Kidderminster Town Hall, necessitating the removal of several rows of seats to accommodate a huge orchestra; the economics of the enterprise are best not thought about, but were perhaps the reason for the inartistic splitting of the work with an interval busy in bar-takings.
1) More specifically, Imaginative Qualities exposes the site where meaning is constructed by employing catalogs to foreground design as the primary aesthetic element of prose, hence dispelling the illusion of linguistic referentiality--for, as David Andrews puts it, a Sorrentino catalog is meant to elude "the inartistic, information-bearing function of language, making it .
Against the colonialist denial of lack of "drama" in Africa and the blind dismissal of African festivals as the "'spontaneous' inartistic expression" of primitive tribes, Soyinka insists, in Art, Dialogue & Outrage, that the festivals be seen as constituting "in themselves pure theatre at its most prodigal and resourceful .
1 "Dada" (Museum of Modern Art, New York) "It often happens that the real tragedies of life occur in such an inartistic manner that they hurt us by their crude violence, their absolute incoherence, their absurd want of meaning, their entire lack of style.
For those of us who dislike sprawl basically because it doesn't look good, modernism's inartistic roots should serve as a reminder that focusing on aesthetics only gets you so far.
Shakespeare's knowledgeable contemporaries would have judged inartistic the sudden addition of four extra syllables to an isolated line in a play--The Tragedy of King Richard the Second--whose versification is iambic pentameter.