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Traffic prosecutors accused the defendant of reckless and inattentive driving, causing an accident and running over two students.
Rear-seat kickers have displaced inattentive parents as the most annoying fellow travelers on airlines, according to the latest "Expedia Study of In-Flight Etiquette.
The analysis also showed that patients with the inattentive ADHD subtype trended toward moderate to severe baseline scores and modest treatment responses.
See "An irritable, inattentive, and disruptive child: Is it ADHD or bipolar disorder?
I wonder whether the police will be issuing any citations to inattentive, careless pedestrians who don't look before crossing and jaywalk right in front of traffic.
Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has adopted inattentive approach towards the ongoing smuggling of Iranian POL products from Balochistan to protect Customs officers, who are reportedly hand in glove with the smuggles, it was learnt on Friday.
In January this year, an inattentive 19-year-old Emirati ran over a 50-year-old Asian resident H.
Makes sense to me but then what do I know, I haven't got an unbearably inattentive and uncontrollable child on my hands.
In the offspring of inattentive mothers, they found that the genes that were responsible for producing stress hormones were highly methylated, while the offspring of the attentive mother rats showed little, if any, methylation in their genes.
Some children suffering from the disorder are not hyperactive but inattentive and impulsive.
Inattentive symptoms, in particular, were strongly associated with problematic video game use for both groups, and role-playing game preferences may be an additional risk factor for problematic video game use among children with ASD.
The inattentive attitude of the government to improve the law and order situation in the country and its failure to provide security to the citizens especially the legal fraternity is highly condemnable", Hassan added.