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In an interview after the meeting, Council President Alex Padilla said he would not formally reprimand council members for inattentiveness.
The trend of having massive numbers of families on the go during Eid holidays, be it for shopping or entertainment, is a factor contributing to the increasing traffic accidents due to inattentiveness, sleeplessness and using the phone while driving.
Col Ali Saeed Al Alaikam, director of the traffic and patrols department at RAK Police, said:Ce"Initial investigations show that the accident was caused by drivers ignoring safety distance rule, speeding and inattentiveness.
Some of the signs of a possible hearing problem include inattentiveness, not reacting to loud noise, not speaking at the expected age, mispronouncing words and talking loudly.
In order to prevent anyone becoming a wrong-way driver whether by mistake, due to inattentiveness, stress resulting from heavy traffic or complicated road designs Mercedes-Benz has developed a new traffic sign assistance system which, amongst other things, can warn drivers should they violate traffic regulations and ignore no-entry signs.
The developmental disorder is characterized by inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsivity.
At this time, we believe the occurrence of the inattentiveness speaks to the greater need for continuous training designed to create and maintain a strong leadership team and a safety conscious work environment.
By constantly monitoring the behaviour of the vehicle and sensing if it is drifting out of its lane the system can identify signs of inattentiveness or distraction in the driver and warnings are issued.
For the second time since the playoffs began, Jackson also bemoaned an apparent inattentiveness to moving screens when opponents run the pick-and-roll.
The Code now covers many causes of inattentiveness.
A number of schools across the country have banned pogs, which they blame for inciting fights, theft, student inattentiveness, and generally bad behavior.
NEW YORK -- Inattentiveness is the cause of many vehicle accidents.