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A couple more seconds of inattentiveness, though, and I would have missed my chance entirely.
A child that exhibits an absence seizure (behavorial arrest) is different from one that exhibits inattentiveness ("drifting away"), in that his spell can usually be broken by physical stimulation.
Author Cynthia James has figured out why men treat their mistresses better than their wives: The current state of marriages breeds apathy and inattentiveness in husbands.
He said: "People with ADHD have symptoms of inattentiveness, but they often also have a capacity to hyperfocus on a narrow area that is of particular interest to them.
Mind wandering is typically associated with negative things like laziness or inattentiveness.
His main area of research is macroeconomics, and Reis has studied monetary policy, models of inattentiveness, and measuring the persistence of macroeconomic series and how they affect business cycles and banking crises.
The corollary is that Mondays are marked by low performance and inattentiveness as the body and brain struggle to recover.
Inattentiveness leads to the most crashes in work-zone areas, followed by speeding, he said.
Zambo (teacher education, Arizona State University) and Brozo (literacy, George Mason University) demonstrate that K-3 boys' seeming inattentiveness in school has neurological, cognitive, and developmental roots, and describe strategies that teachers can use to capture and develop the attention of boys and foster a love of reading.
lt;p>According to officials, reckless driving, inattentiveness and sudden skidding by motorists are the main causes that led to accidents
Symptoms include impulsiveness, restlessness and hyperactivity, as well as inattentiveness.
The inattentive symptoms were associated with poor school performance, and inattentiveness is consistent with the slow processing of information that is characteristic of children with FASD, he noted (Alcohol Clin.