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So far, we have identified the frequency band 18 kHz to 20 kHz as a promising channel for designing inaudible communication.
And, in common with most modern diesels, the motor is almost inaudible in the plush high-class cabin.
This small electronic box emits a pulsating squeak at a frequency usually inaudible to anyone over 30.
Steady state feels quick and relaxed with deep, slow, inaudible breathing and a discernable "huff" between phrases of conversation.
The tapes - part of Virgin Atlantic's new inflight entertainment programme - include almost inaudible messages of reassurance which are absorbed by the subconscious brain.
For example, the opening episode of an Egyptian series about an Alexandrian wheeler-dealer went on the air with an incomplete sound mix, so that the dialog in important expository scenes was completely inaudible under a blaring track of incidental music.
Small tags are attached to shopping baskets and carts that emit inaudible signals to antennae located around the store's perimeter.
And the lower the frequency of the waves, the farther they can travel without losing strength, Scientists first detected infrasound in 1883, when the eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia sent inaudible sound waves careening around the world, affecting barometric readings.
What patience and self-discipline are required to discern what is nearly inaudible amid the chaotic noise of our academic and personal lives (a challenge that seems all the more real to me as I write this during in my campus office at the end of the first week of fall semester)
He mumbled something inaudible and stumbled past, disappearing into the streets of Miami.
Ordinarily, the spoken word indicates something in the world around us, but the inaudible utterances of demons, in opposition to the constituting word of the creator, undo what they signify.
GUESTS at a piano recital are to be blasted with inaudible sound vibrations to discover how it affects their mood.