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I load some of Walmart's best into the magazine of my trusty rifle and almost inaudibly slide a shell into the chamber.
If a source of interference appears, AVX inaudibly shifts to a new frequency.
At first we hear this passage almost inaudibly and then words and particular phrases--"things which must shortly come to pass" and "the time is at hand"--come into focus as the full view of Pilot Abeline also comes into shot.
Even when he looks at a painting he whispers inaudibly to himself a description of the painting.
In one infamous ritualistic performance at Schelma Gallery, Dusseldorf--How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare (1965)--the artist, his head covered in gold leaf and honey, whispered inaudibly for three hours to the carcass of a dead hare.
sorry to hear that, sister Jenny She nods, almost inaudibly says "thank you, " maybe off mike.
Sitting on leather-upholstered cushions inside the office, two of Masri's cousins sit inaudibly smoking cigarettes and sipping Turkish coffee.
The music written for that piece was also present in this exhibition, though inaudibly, as the source of the impulses that compel Elliptical Song Drawing Machine--Bull och's first -Drawing Machine"--to make circular lines.
Anfield was audibly - or rather inaudibly - stunned, while for the first time in weeks Sunderland dared to dream.
She says to the board, almost inaudibly, "I ask you, would you grant him life, please" (279-80).
Unfailingly polite, humble, and at times almost inaudibly soft-spoken, the 54-year-old Edmonds casts such an unassuming figure in conversation that it's difficult to remember that this is the same man who once rearranged the 1990s R&B charts, and the pop charts in general, in his own image.
As I dribbled urine, almost inaudibly, I started to feel nostalgic for my pre-MS stream.