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He pulled his mount up, walked him back, slid out of the saddle, muttered almost inaudibly to the connections and strode into the weighing room, weighed in.
Eye witnesses said Li was swaying her head like a drunk person and was whispering something inaudibly to herself before she tried to jump.
TCBC calmed things down by offering a muted, flowing encore inaudibly announced by Elvekjaer but ultimately detected by Stasia Hovenasian (confirmed by emails from Jerry and Cay Castonguay) as the third movement, "elegy" of Anton Arensky's Piano Trio in D-Minor.
I don't know what those are," Pangborn said, then almost inaudibly, "I've never really done this before.
I cannot hear what you say for the thunder that you are," he replies, almost inaudibly.
Goldfishing: One politician talking inaudibly in an interview.
They inaudibly laugh and return to their previous stations, talking shyly.
While I was really quite exhausted--and remaining seated sounded a whole lot better at the moment--I sighed inaudibly and got ready.
In a number of works by Alban Berg I think I can hear the almost inaudibly high sound--gleaming from afar, and then slowly passing on, its point piercing the air, brighter than the droning sunlight of the very brightest of all the sunny days that have come before today--of that transparent insect, and its almost microscopic echo, conjuring in the tremendously rapid and delicately tremolo-like vibrato of the humming wings along its sides an echo overtaking a cry that hasn't sounded yet, a cry like the pain of a forced smile that needs to find a means of composing itself in advance when faced with the possibility of hearing a lovable but horrible joke that hasn't even been invented yet.
Qur'anic recitation in India takes place in homes, masjids, madrasas, and other venues, at different times of the day or night, individually or communally, at religious and social gatherings or as part of a daily religious routine, throughout the year, but most especially during the month of Ramadan, audibly or inaudibly, in sophisticated and melodious recitation (tartil or tajwid), or in plain, elementary recital.
The instructor may have talked too fast, inaudibly, or may have simply not repeated the concepts enough times.