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Only four of the first thirteen inaugurals express this theme; only six of the remaining thirty-nine do not.
Fourteen of the first nineteen inaugurals (through the Civil War) refer to this theme but only nine of the remaining thirty-three inaugurals refer to it, and only one (ironically, Richard Nixon's first) of the last sixteen.
Whereas fifteen of the first nineteen inaugurals mention this theme, only nine of the last thirty-three mention it (for a total of 46 percent).
The more important factor is that certain features of American politics seem so permanent and pervasive that new presidents do not even need to think about addressing them in their inaugurals.
Even President Clinton's backers concede there's less enthusiasm for this $30 million ``An American Journey'' bash than there was for his $28 million first inaugural.
The public attractions this time include an array of entertainments in seven huge tents on the capital mall, along with 14 inaugural balls, four more than in 1993.
But Clinton's inaugural committee estimates a turnout of only about 100,000 for the mall events this weekend and 100,000 for the inaugural ceremonies and parade.
Kathy Webb, deputy director of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, was more positive.
It is a necessity to be environmentally conscious in the 90s," says Virginia Fleischman, production manager of the 52nd Presidential Inaugural Committee.
In addition to reflecting the 90s environmental consciousness, the 1993 Inaugural Invitation also conveys traditional values by its simple elegance of design.
Although there have been some exceptions, Inaugural Invitations have traditionally been engraved.
The 1993 Inaugural Invitation is especially elegant with a common design thread connecting all elements in the invitation package.