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It began inauspiciously enough with Beel designing a set of doors, but he quickly graduated to more substantial commissions, such as new meeting rooms and classrooms, a remodelled circulation route, a stage extension and general masterplanning.
It began inauspiciously ( and spectacularly so) enough when Lopez married Anthony in a secret ceremony in 2004, shortly after a whirlwind romance and just four days after his divorce from his first wife became final.
The course starts inauspiciously with eight straight par-4s on the front side, nearly all the holes identical and running parallel to each other.
As if to stress the fact that he was leaving with nothing, Talat departed inauspiciously in his twin cabin Isuzu, a car he drove to his first position as 'minister of education' in 1995.
Between the time Risse conceived of the Concourse and the time it opened on an inauspiciously stormy day in 1909, parts of the design had already been retooled to make way for automobiles.
Obama's inauguration as the 44th President of the USA was inauspiciously ushered in by the most bloody Israeli assault on unarmed Palestinians since 1967.
Though Brown's playing career ended inauspiciously when he was stretchered from the field with an Achilles tendon injury in a Twenty20 Cup match in 2007, he has continued as PCA chairman, a high-profile but voluntary post.
The video documenting the artist's work with her grandmother ends, inauspiciously, with Jana complaining.
The year 2007 began inauspiciously for nuclear power, with the closure of seven units on the last day of 2006.
The first day of high school begins inauspiciously for 15-year-old Mena Reece.
His career for Nicholls began inauspiciously at Cheltenham in October where he was a wellbeaten favourite in a Class 3 behind David Pipe's Saint Kadette.
As this brutal counter-insurgency effort is set to enter its sixth year, hope for protection resides entirely in the success of an unwieldy, unprecedented, and inauspiciously begun UN-African Union "hybrid" peace support operation, authorized by UN Security Council Resolution 1769 in July 2007.