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Six maize inbred lines were used, including 4 CIMMYT inbred lines (CML333, CML335, CML336, and CML338), and Mp708 and AB24E as resistant and susceptible controls, respectively, (Brooks et al.
Of course the easiest, most convenient strategy to map QTLs in mice would be to cross animals from two inbred strains that differ in the behavior under investigation (e.
Breeding inbred mice is easy," says Shinya Abe, business development officer of IBL Japan, a Gifu-based biotech company, "but successfully breeding and maintaining transgenic strains is challenging.
It is an inbred place because it is forbidden for one islander to marry a person from another island.
What started developing was an inbred [too closely related] population, with very little genetic diversity," says Richardson.
inbred groups, cultural and genetic isolates); sub-populations such as the oldest-old; studies that utilize the extensive genome databases and genetic analyses resources that are becoming available; and animal model studies using cross-fostering, selective breeding, inbred strains, recombinant inbred strains or specific genotypic manipulations (e.
In the most inbred population, percentage seed germination was also reduced.
My objective is to get as much cross-pollination and input from outside the county family as we can, so we don't have just the inbred information that tends to come from old, established bureaucracies.
Consequently we examined the potential statistical power associated with future comparisons of body weights between inbred wolves and the offspring of cross-lineage matings.
An author has caused outrage by describing Hereford as a "spoiled unattractive city full of inbred people and vegans".