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Measuring inbreeding and inbreeding depression on pig growth from pedigree or SNP-derived metrics.
The inbreeding coefficient is the probability that two homologous genes are identical by ancestry at any locus of an individual 'I' '[19]:
In conclusion, the results demonstrate that abalone breeding programs with a conservative attitude to inbreeding may be sustainable in the long term, even with a low to moderate occurrence of reproductive failure.
Unless the population of animals in the composite groups is very large, however, inbreeding will eventually reduce the effect of heterosis.
Consanguineous marriages and endemic malaria: can inbreeding increase population fitness?
Ambrosia beetles, however, clearly benefit from inbreeding.
He focuses on an extended, systematic analysis of the theory of inbreeding and incest avoidance that also serves as a critique of sociobiology.
The kittens' health: "Immediately, all of the inbreeding problems disappeared," says Lotz.
And it's easier to hunt among small inbreeding populations--of people or of breeds of dog--for the genes that cause disease.
Inbreeding and reduced gene flow between populations by pollen or seed are two possible consequences that are perhaps most familiar and understandable to non-geneticists, but there are others too.
In the two-image work First and Second Beauty Composites, 1982, she layered images of movie starlets to create ideal portraits of beauty that instead look like the disastrous results of Hollywood inbreeding.