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Kaddish de-rabbanan, a prayer for the dead, an incantation said on the Sabbath and High Holidays.
The couple said "Miracle Garden" followers are not allowed to sleep more than five hours a day and they are forced to listen to incantation tapes provided by the cult.
A frenzied Japanese incantation turns Barbra into a mechanical Godzilla, who battles both movie critic Leonard Maltin (as a giant robot) and Sidney Poitier (as a fire-breathing turtle).
Doran also recalled straying into a CBN prayer meeting where Robertson followers "in frenetic incantation, [were] ordering armies of angels to descend on Russia and `drive out Satan.
Printed in gold, the angelic salutation is repeated apparently infinitely, as a chant, poem, incantation and prayer, dematerializing the massive, inert volume of the cube.
Virtually all of the criticism centered on the ingredients that I felt gave the play its unique qualities: the use of Gospel music, voodoo, chant, storytelling, and incantation.
Morton's Incantation and Across are hand-processed gems.
The charm comes complete with your own personal incantation - a short mantra tailored to suit your sexual desires.
Jamaicans from all over the country gather to show off traditional dances, such as the quadrille--a kind of creolized ballroom set dance--and the kumina--a ceremonial incantation dance.
What I am interested in here, however, are subtler forms of repetition involving single words (go/do/use/will) or chanted phrases, often in a variety of languages, mimicry (skaz), caricatural echoes of a character's words or concepts in the speech of another, and the double- (or treble-) voiced discourse of parody, in which language is doubly refracted in the written text of one character and the mocking incantation of another.
Centering the analysis on the environmental remediation expenditures and concluding that all costs must be capitalized conjures up the image of a sorcerer who utters an unintelligible incantation and then claims credit for a subsequent solar eclipse.