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BEIRUT: Lebanon's image abroad still shows signs of weakness and incapability due to inefficient institutions and mediocre macroeconomic conditions.
Of course, this is where Fine Gael's ideological incapability comes into play as they seem to be on the side of the vultures and banks.
Family pension to the nominee in the event of the member's death (50 per cent of the pension amount), pension in the event of incapability to work, medical assistance, education grant (to be decided by the board), death assistance (Rs100,000 or Dh5,700), assistance for marriage to women members and member's daughters (Rs10,000) and maternity assistance for women members (Rs3,000) are the other benefits.
Rafi Khan said that because of provincial government incapability of running the government, the province is depicting as the undeveloped area.
Now he decided to blame the other MPs for his incapability to manage the situation.
International partners guaranteed Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that Macedonia's membership won't be discussed on the upcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw, as a result of country's internal political crisis and its incapability to apply democratic functioning of the state institutions, as well as the fact that NATO has more serious problems, such as the conflict between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean Sea, and the migrant crisis.
CLARK FIELD, Pampanga -The third and last presidential debate on Sunday exposed Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's incapability to lead the country, said Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas.
or maybe given the vanity and incapability of the key players, Macedonia will be left alone to rot, wonders the author.
The Lebanese citizens are suffering the pains of the waste, electricity, and water crises, not to mention the incapability of ensuring the necessary financial sources for a decent living," he added.
It said that the explosion shows the Saud regime's incapability in maintaining the security of its citizens.
The coalition noted that they called upon Russia to be part of an international power to force a political solution to the crisis, including forcing the Syrian regime to do so, and to convince the Syrian regime of its incapability to resolving the crisis through military means only.
He pointed out that Da'ish attacks are the results of Maliki's incapability to contain the country or finding political or military solution that will regain stability in Iraq.