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When suffering has reached a given point of intensity the nervous sensibility becomes incapable of feeling more.
The long-standing view that animals are incapable of feeling love is challenged in a two-part BBC1 documentary starting today.
We end up being incapable of feeling compassion at the outcry of the poor .
Yet when Liz first held her granddaughter Faith six years ago she was physically incapable of feeling her heart flutter with excitement.
For most of my childhood, I thought white people weren't human and were incapable of feeling the pain of others.
He is incapable of feeling shame and he'll be furious he's been criticised for hobnobbing with chums.
She said: "Shrimps do not have a recognisable brain and are incapable of feeling pain.
At times humorous and at others heartbreaking, Lambert's tale dispels the myth that cats are incapable of feeling and expressing great affection, both for each other and for their human caretakers.
You don't like him any better, but you feel for him in a way that you suspect he's incapable of feeling for himself.
This is a man who despite the fact he's had 15 relationships since his divorce from Fergie has been unable to commit to any of them - probably because he's incapable of feeling anything that remotely borders on love.
Unborn children may be incapable of feeling pain until after 26 weeks of pregnancy, or possibly even until after birth.
Men who cross dress aren't incapable of feeling love for their partners.