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You are dealing with a lot just getting out of prison--you may have found out your HIV status while incarcerated, you might not have much knowledge about HIV, and you might not know where to turn for help.
The governor's budget also allocates $12 million for training, curriculum development, and teaching support, as well as for the development of an online clearinghouse in the community college system to advance statewide priorities-explicitly including the development of educational programs for currently and formerly incarcerated Californians.
Creative Corrections Education Foundation (CCEF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides educational opportunities for at-risk young adults of the incarcerated nationwide, who otherwise are extremely likely to participate in criminal activities, as well as underserved low-income individuals.
In all, seven grants will serve more than 650 formerly incarcerated veterans in six states.
The True Cost of Incarceration on Families, the study is based on in-depth interviews with nearly 1,500 formerly incarcerated people, their family members, and employers.
Research studies have shown that African Americans, and especially men, are incarcerated at levels disproportionally higher than they were 25 years ago.
5) Consistent with imprisonment patterns for adults, the rate of children with an incarcerated parent has more than doubled in the last generation.
With incarceration and recidivism rates escalating and the failure of many former prisoners to reconnect with family post release, the cost to society and to children of incarcerated parents is quickly rising.
In debate on the House floor, May 5, Brutus tried to tack an amendment onto a bill that would compensate the wrongfully incarcerated.
After I was incarcerated, I made the decision to grow once again in my faith.
Thus, while broken limbs and compliant demeanor served as evidence that a poor, incapacitated man was worthy of a cure in the Pennsylvania Hospital, sick women bearing evidence of venereal disease were instead incarcerated in the almshouse or the city jail alongside others expected to work and submit themselves to physical discipline in order to reform themselves.
This was decades before Nathan McCall's Makes Me Wanna Holler (Random House, 1994) told of his prison experience and the love and lust between some men; before asha bandele wrote her lyrical novel The Prisoner's Wife (Scribner, 1999) about love and personal growth between her and a man who was incarcerated when she met and married him.