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During the period of our incarceration Kantos Kan and I became well acquainted, and formed a warm personal friendship.
That from the father mentioned that most unexpectedly finding himself in the novel position of having been disappointed of a remittance from the City on which he had confidently counted, he took up his pen, being restrained by the unhappy circumstance of his incarceration during three-and-twenty years (doubly underlined), from coming himself, as he would otherwise certainly have done--took up his pen to entreat Mr Clennam to advance him the sum of Three Pounds Ten Shillings upon his I.
Let it not be supposed by the enemies of 'the system,' that, during the period of his solitary incarceration, Oliver was denied the benefit of exercise, the pleasure of society, or the advantages of religious consolation.
The increase in incarcerations among women and its impact on the grandmother caregiver: Some racial considerations.
The traditional solution to the problem has been more arrests, more incarcerations, more institutions and more staff.
For both groups, incarceration rates rose consistently, except in the year 2000 when the number of Indigenous incarcerations declined by 8.
prisoner-generating machine, producing incarcerations rates that
We are talking here about the forced removal of millions of children from parents who have done nothing wrong; mass incarcerations of those parents without trial; forced confessions; government seizure of the private papers, property, and homes of citizens accused of nothing; children used as government informers against their parents; doctored court records; involuntary litigants shaken down on pain of incarceration for the fees of lawyers and psychotherapists they have not hired; and much more.
75) The imbalance in declines--incarceration declining more slowly than the crime rate--again reflects the narrowing of discretion in sentencing and the continuing rise in incarcerations per felony prosecution.
According to Al-Ahram, a source within the public prosecution said the extended incarceration will take effect once other temporary incarcerations related to other cases have been served.
Roettger noted "this is of particular concern within poor and minority communities where incarcerations are disproportionately located.