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Although this Court invalidated the state tax incentives in Boston Stock Exchange and the other cited cases, in each case it affirmed the ability of the states to foster economic growth within their borders.
Although every project is unique, it is not unusual for a financially strong company, creating 100 or more jobs, to realize a state and local incentive package of tax savings and direct assistance valued in excess of several million dollars," proclaims a brochure for the State of Kansas (see sidebar, "The Kansas Come-on").
I don't think there's going to be any reason to take a film to Canada very soon,'' Hackford said recently, referring to his decision to shoot ``Ray'' in Louisiana and to the increase of various state government incentives for filmmakers.
An often overlooked and misunderstood tax-reduction strategy is the tax incentives associated with businesses located in economically distressed areas such as designated empowerment zones and renewal communities.
Physicians can receive incentive compensation based on their success and consistency in developing, implementing, and utilizing preventative services.
Should the bonus for a given year exceed the targeted incentive, any amount over 125 percent of the targeted figure is "banked.
As already discussed, the Section 1619(a) incentive allows a special cash payment to SSI recipients while employed and Section 1619(b) provides extended medical coverage to those employed, even though earned income becomes high enough to cause SSI cash payments to stop.
Incentive compensation management is now a strategic tool that impacts an organization's competitiveness.
Established in 2006, Incentive CardLab began offering the corporate market customized, prepaid Incentive Cards for rewards, marketing promotions, and employee incentives.
Working with specialists who understand government economic development incentives, they are developing a strategic tax policy that creates tangible bottom-line benefits while simultaneously addressing location and labor issues.
Drawing on interviews with incentive experts familiar with conducting incentive programs in India, the white paper offers exceptional insights into: employee characteristics, logistics issues, a shifting incentive mindset, realistic reward options and market opportunities in a land where more than 50 percent of its current 1.