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Green at one point shows Mangolte an early copy of the script and reveals that Bresson's early title for the film was Incertitude.
The beautiful and apparently white Claire Neville has just graduated from school and must decide what to do with herself; but the mystery of her birth leaves her in a state of incertitude.
Les armes se sont tues, mais l'incertitude rE gne toujoursC*<p>AmbiguE[macron]tE[umlaut] et incertitude.
The two girls are in their own quasi-closed world, which does not bear incertitude.
Authorizing the Joyce text in terms of an aesthetic of heroic individualism is quite simply no longer the contemporary agenda for Joyce studies, which is one reason why a large portion of the last section of this collection, 'The Incertitude of the Void: Modernist Narrative', with its concerns about 'irony' in A Portrait; narrative silences; and the issue of where technical innovation really begins in Ulysses, feels so dated.
Imagination, he insists, leads to certitude; reality to incertitude.
I love stories, tales, journeys, but I also love contrasts, incertitude, paradoxes, enigmas,'' writes Thierree in the program notes for ``Junebug,'' which had a nearly sold-out five show run in October 2002.
In fine, The Castle is singularly lacking in religious connection and in moral vision--resignedly subservient to the modern temper of doubt, incertitude, vacillation.
I've always adored being completely off-balance, so it's not the world of controlled and sovereign certitude; it's the world of incertitude, off-balance, de-centeredness.
il y a l'expression room for doubt, espace du doute, c'est l'idee qu'il y a certains lieux pour lesquels il n'y a pas de reponses telles que oui ou non, ii y a un espace du doute, du questionnement, c'est presque un questionnement a l'etat tri-dimensionnel, et pour nous la reussite se mesure dans la confiance que nous avons de ne pas donner une reponse unique, mais de preserver un espace pour cette incertitude.
If there remain continuing elements of incertitude affecting privacy interests in historically sensitive criminal law "private" settings, it is equally uncertain whether state-initiated privacy protection may be relied upon when the "new" technology is applied to communicative liberty.
dollar and the incertitude regarding energy restriction for the months to come.