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Additionally, they found Archytas incertus (Giglio-Tos), Ophion sp.
Joyce here was a victim of the legal truism--noted by Freud in a short essay entitled 'Family Romances' (published coincidentally in 1909) that pater semper incertus est (the identity of a child's father is always in question) while the mother is certissima.
Fiunt autem quatuor tripudia post natiuitatem Domini in ecclesia: leuitarum, sacerdotum, puerorum, id est minorum etate et ordine, et subdiaconorum, qui ordo incertus est.
Troglohyphantes incertus (Emerton): Comstock 1903:32; Comstock 1913:383; Petrunkevitch 1911:272.
Nine of the 11 specialist species emerged from two or more tree genera, including Neoeutrypanus incertus, Oedopeza leucostigma, Palame spp.
Freud is quoting an old legal tag, in Latin: "Pater semper incertus est," while the mother is "certissima.
Early on, Heaney admits, he "had absolutely no confidence as a writer qua writer";(5) he affixed the pen-name, Incertus, to his first poems to acknowledge his uncertainty.
incertus Ashmead, and Habrocytus piercei Crawford), and a braconid (Bracon mellitor Say) have thus far been identified (Pratt 1907; Pierce et al.