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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences sponsored the workshop "Environmental Influences on the Induction and Incidence of Asthma.
In May 2006, an incidence validation meeting was held at the CDC where new study results were presented from China, Cote d'Ivoire, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda, the USA and Zimbabwe to address the concerns expressed by the UNAIDS Reference Group in December 2005.
Malaria in an outbreak zone in Oyapock (French Guiana): incidence of malaria attacks in the American Indian population of Camopi [French].
Although there were no associations between baseline serum carotenoids or alpha tocopherol concentrations and incidence of BCC or SCC, baseline serum selenium concentrations showed strong inverse associations with both BCC and SCC tumor incidence.
The many deaths in the study period were a dark shadow of an earlier time when the HIV incidence (new-infection rate) was much higher.
The overall cancer incidence rate has started to decline.
Cancer Statistics: 2000 Incidence reports the following major findings:
But one organization, the New York City-based public policy advocacy group, Housing Works, used the Centers for Disease Control data and local New York state statistics to show how a funding disparity toward HIV/AIDS groups was just as much to blame for the high incidence rates in communities of color.
The overall incidence rate of intra-cranial hemorrhage - the most important side effect associated with anticoagulation and fibrinolysis for heart attack - was 0.
A new aspect of the annual report is a focus on cancers in which the incidence is increasing.
Aside from cardiovascular risk, incidence of liver failure is increasing as a cause of death in HIV-infected patients.
At the same time, West said Lockheed provided sufficient evidence that mortality rates and cancer incidence rates among its workers and those living near its Burbank plant were not significantly higher than the rest of Los Angeles County.