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An official or formal statement of facts or proceedings. To give an account of; to relate; to tell or convey information; the written statement of such an account.For example, one kind of report is the formal statement in writing made to a court by a master, a clerk, or a referee who has been appointed to inquire into a particular matter for the court. Sometimes the report of a public official is distinguished from a return. A return typically discloses something done or observed by the official, whereas a report shows the results of an investigation into matters outside the personal knowledge of the official.

Regularly published volumes of books containing accounts of decisions and opinions of various courts are sometimes referred to as reports, but more often they are called reporters.

The Annual Report for stockholders is prepared by a corporation, a consumer report describes the qualities of a manufactured product, and a credit report assesses the creditworthiness of a business or consumer for a bank or other lender.


(Detailed account), noun account, address, brief, broadcast, bulletin, chronicle, communication, criticism, description, digest, disclosure, dissemination, history, information, intelligence, manifesto, message, minute, narration, news, news story, note, notification, proclamation, propagation, recital, recitation, record, recounting, relatio, relation, release, renuntiatio, revelation, review, saga, specification, statement, summary, talk, tidings, ventilation
Associated concepts: accident report, grand jury report


(Rumor), noun bruit, fama, gossip, grapevine, hearsay, hint, intimation, scuttlebutt, talk, tattle, unconnirmed report, unverified news, whisper


(Disclose), verb acquaint, adferre, advise, air, announce, annunciate, apprise, broadcast, bruit, circulate publicly, communicate, declare, deliver information, detail, disseminate, divulgate, divulge, enlighten, expose, expound, express, give an account of, give the facts, herald, impart, inform, make an announcement, make known, mention, notify, outline, proclaim, promulgate, publish, recite, recount, referre, renuntiare, report, reveal, set forth, speak about, specify, state, tell, testify to, unmask, voice, write up


(Present oneself), verb announce one's pressnce, answer, answer a summons, appear, appear for duty, arrive, attend, be at hand, be in attendance, check in, come, comparere, fulfill an engagement, meet, present oneself, put in an appearance, reveal oneself, show oneself
See also: annunciate, apprise, betray, bill, book, canvass, clue, comment, communicate, communication, conclusion, convey, delineate, delineation, depict, detail, determination, disabuse, disclose, disclosure, dispatch, disseminate, divulge, document, enlighten, enter, entry, file, finding, form, hearsay, herald, holding, inform, intelligence, invoice, issuance, judgment, memorandum, mention, message, narration, narrative, news, notice, notification, notify, observation, opinion, outline, portray, post, proclaim, promulgate, pronouncement, propagate, publication, publicity, publish, quote, recital, recite, record, recount, reference, relate, rendition, repeat, repercussion, representation, reputation, review, scenario, signify, speak, spread, statement, story, summary, synopsis, tell, tip


a written account of a decided case giving the main points of the argument on each side, the court's findings, and the decision reached. See also RUBRIC.

REPORT, legislation. A statement made by a committee to a legislative assembly, of facts of which they were charged to inquire.

REPORT, practice. A certificate to the court made by a master in chancery, commissioner or other person appointed by the court, of the facts or matters to be ascertained by him, or of something of which it is his duty to inform the court.
     2. If the parties in the case accede to the report, find no exceptions are filed, it is in due time confirmed; if exceptions are filed to the report, they will, agreeably to the rules of the court, be heard, and the report will either be confirmed, set aside, or referred. back for the correction of some error. 2 Madd. Ch. 505; Blake's Ch. Pr. 230; Vin. Ab. h.t.

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Here are the resulting criteria used to eliminate incidents within the six years of OPS Hazardous Liquid and Natural Gas Distribution Incident Reports in order to make a uniform comparison between petroleum and natural gas pipelines incidents: 1) commodities other than natural gas or petroleum-based liquids; 2) incidents involving underwater pipelines; 3) incidents involving offshore pipelines; 4) incidents involving underground pipelines; and 5) incidents inside a building, tank, or under a structure.
However, incident reports were not protected by peer review statutes in Arizona and Illinois cases, where the courts found that the reports involved more than improvement in the quality of patient care.
Subscriptions to the Daily Incident Report (DIR) also include all Significant Terrorist Event Reports (STER), Kidnapping Reports (KR) and some Analyst Notes (AN) produced by IntelCenter during major terrorist events.
the incident report containing the details of the firearm recovery;
Once this data is acquired, Perspective uses established business rules to flag patterns or specific events and automatically create incident reports.
Also, Incident Report Accelerator's integration with Resort Advantage's SAR Workflow Accelerator[TM] module allows for the subsequent analysis of the incident report, including collection of additional documentation to support the suspicious nature of the reported incident.
a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions, and BDO Consulting, a division of BDO Seidman, LLP, today announced the second quarter 2010 findings of its Quarterly Corporate Fraud Index[TM], a comprehensive examination of fraud incident report activity from 12 million employees worldwide.
OPWDD requires developmental disabilities support providers in New York to submit all reportable incidents, seriously reportable incidents and allegations of abuse (defined in the 14 NY CRR[umlaut]Part[umlaut]624 Handbook) to Developmental Disabilities Services Offices (DDSO) through the OPWDD Incident Report and Management Application (IRMA).
Agencies using summary reporting and some agencies reporting via NIBRS use two standard forms to collect and report data: the Hate Crime Incident Report and the Quarterly Hate Crime Report.
The recently revised OPWDD 147 incident report form is a significant update with Therap 9.
The stolen property was listed in the incident report as follows: four ice cream cones, $4 value; one package of doughnuts, $1 value.
Agencies using the SRS and some agencies reporting via NIBRS use two standard forms on which to collect and report data: the Hate Crime Incident Report and the Quarterly Hate Crime Report.

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