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One of the petitions, submitted by ACA, sought an exemption from the incident reporting requirements for small quantity shipments of PG ll paint--an exemption that had previously existed in the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) until a 2004 amendment.
A task force was formed to decentralize the data collection for incident reporting so that incident information could be entered on a nursing unit-based terminal and then interfaced with the data base for the existing incident report system.
For providers of anonymous incident reporting services, the challenge has been managing and protecting the reporting party's identity, while providing enough accurate information that the report can be appropriated and legally addressed.
The result is a completely auditable business process that encourages an increase in the awareness of the value of incident reporting at a casino property.
The complete Daily Incident Report archive is integrated into the IntelCenter Database (ICD) and core incident reporting is archived in the Terrorism Incident Reference (TIR) series of books.
Integrated with the eIR browser-based incident reporting software tool, it provides a comprehensive incident-reporting system.
and Brivo Systems LLC, leaders in Software as a Service applications for security management, today announced the integration between PPM's Perspective([TM]) Incident Reporting and Investigation Management software and Brivo's ACS WebService([R]).
Cape May County Sheriff's Office selected Presynct to assist them in abandoning paper-based dispatch and incident reporting, expand report-writing training opportunities for officers, and gain overall improved efficiency and effectiveness in daily operations.
Commonwealth agencies, as well as county and local emergency management personnel, can log on to the PEMA Web site and view or post real-time message traffic about emergency incidents on the system, known as the Pennsylvania Emergency Incident Reporting System.
Full Integration in an Emergency Situation -- Incident Management, Emergency Notification, and Incident Reporting and Investigation Management
16 /PRNewswire/ -- Therap Services, LLC, a leading source of web-based services in Connecticut, announced that it will provide its Online Incident Reporting System free of charge, for the first six months, to providers of services to people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities (MR/DD) in the state of Connecticut.
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