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Today, most departments have a policy that requires an officer involved in a critical incident to see a mental health professional within days of the event.
Clients, customers, and partners may be affected, so the incident-response team may need to disclose an internal incident to them if they may also be at risk because they were connected to the network.
Had I somehow allowed this to incident to inadvertently occur?
And the result has been that we sort of lurch from one problem to another, or one chemical incident to another rather than systematically tackling the problem in a way that allows us to understand where the real risks are, where we should be focusing the most attention.
71(b)(2) defines a "divorce or separation instrument" as a "decree of divorce or separate maintenance or a written instrument incident to such a decree.
The counselor reported the incident to her supervisor and local police were called to inspect the vehicle.
Doctors reported the incident to campus police Monday night as the two were in the emergency room, officials said.
Actually, it is universal--not one federal court has ever found a single incident to be sufficiently severe to constitute a hostile environment, even though some federal courts have admitted that a single severe incident--for example, rape or violent sexual assault--could do so.
The Tax Court did not expressly address the treatment of expenses incident to resisting a tender stock offer, and there remains some question whether National Starch can be extended to preclude the deductibility of such expenses.
Supreme Court regarding the scope of police authority to search someone incident to arrest.
Hazelton has said that he fulfilled that responsibility by reporting the incident to Hooven.
Therefore, crisis managers cannot wait for such an incident to occur to perfect a process for handling the next one.

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