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Firstly, the generic incipiency of afternoon programming--after its hiatus in the 1960s--provided a televisual space that was non-formulaic; its 'untidiness' allowed for editorial freedom, experimentation and diversity.
Structures of oppression are crystallizations of movements which, prior to capture, in their first stirrings in the existential field of bare activity, belong to a different order to the one they are structured into-an order of incipiency of very different texture and tectonics.
competitive problems in their incipiency and that certainty about
and incipiency thresholds do this by considering the adverse effects of
anticompetitive effects of market power in their incipiency.
After the economy rebounded, the Greenspan Fed took preemptive action to stem inflation in its incipiency.
happy gardening memories, a sense of hopeful incipiency they could
The traitors of the South committed a very grave error, when, because a few northern office-holders held sympathy for them, in the incipiency [beginning] and even more progressive stages of the rebellion, they supposed the North could be divided against itself, and thus fall an easy prey to their rapacious [taking by force] villainy.
Department of Defense, it makes sense that the internet would be Anglo-centric in language and structure in its incipiency.
would probably be able to help interpret some of the influences active in its incipiency, growth, and death".
By contrast, writers give ample coverage to antitrust efforts aimed at prohibiting price discrimination, monopoly, conspiracy, monopolization, or incipiency.
The Scotch-Irish, from the incipiency of the race, were engaged with the stern realities of life.