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At once an incipient lexicon of possibilities and a limit set within which such possibilities might arise, the singular, presumably intelligible establishing shot is really only legible within the resultant narrative sequence.
The team now plans to work with Cornell agricultural researchers and veterinarians to test how well the camera differentiates tissues of germinating seeds, minute parasites in worms, and incipient tumors in mouse flesh.
Young nor only the poetry of Herbert but also the poetry of Donne, Crashaw, and Vaughan "recoils from the incipient emergence of the characteristic features of modernity" (218).
The First World War established the theme of "sexual panic" that has so characterised the Twentieth century as in the 1920's fears of "hypersexual youths" drove policing of young people in Europe and America and a youth culture emerged on the back of an incipient and U.
Our strategy is, if we can get to the brush fire and contain it in its incipient stages, we can control it rapidly,'' Ruda said.
The principal agents of this profound transformation were a handful of first-rate historians who, in the charged atmosphere of the incipient Civil Rights Movement, approached their studies with assumptions altogether different from those of their predecessors.
Now at Louisiana State University (LSU) in New Orleans, Correa has come up with a way to derail incipient stomach cancer as it marches through its predictable stages of aberrant cell growth in the stomach lining.
An examination of late medieval English ruler ideology and incipient nationalism might reinforce Danner's general conclusion that the Genevan exiles' theology and Elizabeth Puritanism continued a native tradition.
We may be taking incipient steps toward a more global mortgage market, but it's in the early stage.
When severe threat to individual, family, or community loomed, magic could bring order to incipient chaos.