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A reality that dominated the philanthropic exclusive manner (Roitstein, 2004), now warns that some companies give greater prominence to its stakeholders in the processes of design and management of social activities, and while still in some companies such participation is restricted to listening to the needs and interests, and very incipiently, the design of actions, the fact is that in these same companies there is the awareness that in the not too distant their social actions will have to be developed with greater involvement and commitment of its stakeholders.
Given the brilliance and confidence of Hammill's argument it seems somewhat confusing why he allies himself with those readers for whom seeing Philips as a lesbian "seems like a misnomer" (185), before immediately going on to argue quite engagingly that Philips is "so obviously passionate about female friendship that she seems at least incipiently lesbian" (185).
As Ros says, "we should note that what we are talking about is not, at least from our end, of Twitter as an open-channel for corporate communication as is used universally today, albeit incipiently, with many initiatives.
There is little evidence in the documents to claim Hong Kong has a federal, de facto-federal or even incipiently federal relationship with the central government.
If their method lives up to its promise, it could one day detect everything from incipiently souring milk to high explosives.
is the creative reaching out to a possibility beyond its determinate existence, a beyond where law "finds itself" in being integrally tied to, and incipiently encompassing of, its exteriority" (221).
Repeatedly, he repudiated the utopian impulse as incipiently totalitarian.
The emergence in recent decades of models of Chinese modernity--most conspicuously Hong Kong, but secondarily Taiwan and now, incipiently, the mainland--is extremely important.
As he explicitly states, "This is the crucial point that follows from acknowledging that there are different sorts of states: in countries like the United States, groups that originally were or incipiently are national minorities--like the Chicanos--can perhaps be dealt with as if they were immigrants.
57) Nor should the community be motivated to so: "The reactive attitudes are incipiently forms of communication, which make sense only on the assumption that the other can comprehend the message.