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Incising was used to enlarge the glue-bonding areas between two plies, while soap washing was used to remove some of the penta on the surfaces of contiguous plies.
As expected, incising improved the uptake of the treatment solution compared with the uptake in unincised samples (Table 1).
Like a pair of rotating gears, a roller bar incising process occurs in three steps: 1) engagement (i.
Since incisions or small cuts in the veneer are produced during the incising at the lathe, even though these cuts are oriented along the grain, it is important to determine if these cuts reduce the mean strength properties of the LVL products.
Incising also enhanced the percentages of boards with acceptable penetration.
Effects of incising on lumber strength and stiffness: Relationships between incision density and depth, species and MSR grade.
Development of a new incising technology for plywood/LVL production: Part 1.
The effects of priming and incising on CCA-retreated utility pole wood beams were investigated in previous studies (Piao et al.
The system includes the new StraightShot Arterial Cannula with Incising Introducer, the new QuickDraw Venous Cannula, the EndoPlege(tm) Sinus Catheter to enable retrograde cardioplegia delivery and the EndoVent(tm) Pulmonary Catheter to facilitate decompression of the heart.
Thus, the shear averages for priming, incising, and control (10.
chemical priming, physical incising, and control) on resin bonding strength and on delamination.
In this study, aspen, yellow birch, and sugar maple samples were treated with four different fungi for 2, 4, and 8 weeks, for biological incising to improve wood permeability.