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Incisional hernias develop in 15 per cent of cases after abdominal surgery.
Horgan PG, O'Donoghue J, Courtney D (1991) Perforated appendicitis in an Incisional hernia.
Incisional hernia of a normal gallbladder carcinoma:sonographic demonstration.
As evidenced by this study, using Strattice[TM] Tissue Matrix allowed for single stage repair and resulted in no mesh explant; as such, it should be given serious consideration by surgeons as a valuable alternative to the use of two-stage repair or synthetic mesh products in treating patients with contaminated and infected incisional hernias.
Towfigh is able to diagnose an incisional hernia upon a thorough examination, as the condition is usually evidenced by a soft bulge underneath or next to the scar site.
2 ]resurfacing with the many advantages of incisional CO[sub.
The patient was subsequently taken to the operating room for an incisional biopsy under general anesthesia.
A definitive diag nosis is based on an incisional biopsy of the temporal muscle, which is obtained by making a small postauricular incision with the patient under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation.
The claims records of 14,491 Medicare beneficiaries diagnosed with glaucoma who received one of three incisional surgeries -- primary trabeculectomy (PT), trabeculectomy in the presence of scarring from previous ocular surgery or trauma (TS), or implantation of a glaucoma drainage device (GDD) -- between 1994 and 2003 were analyzed by Frank A.
Unifocal lesions sometimes undergo fibrosis and heal spontaneously; sometimes an incisional biopsy is sufficient to trigger healing.
Incisional biopsy is classically the recommended method of preoperative tissue diagnosis.
An incisional biopsy of the mass in the right postauricular area was obtained, and the histopathologic examination revealed a highly cellular tumor.