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An abbreviation for incorporated; having been formed as a legal or political entity with the advantages of perpetual existence and succession.



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ZANZIBAR: Africa Odyssey (020 7471 8780) offers seven nights' half-board at Echo Beach lodge from pounds 1,650, saving pounds 200, ex-Heathrow with BA and incl.
This report examines international trade and worldwide market trends pertaining to gas meters, incl.
1,000 m tw pipe, Including fittings, Fittings and insulation; 2) 1 pressure booster, Incl.
Demolition work: take up and dispose of 250m 2 bituminous fixing; Cut 800m concrete pavement; Pick up and dispose of 1000m 2 concrete pavement; 200m 2 pick up and dispose of attachment without binder; Pick up and dispose of 180 m of shelves (highboard, lowboard of concrete); Pick up and dispose of 26 St well DN 1000; 5 St pick up and dispose of road drains; 20 St pick up and dispose of bollards made of tubular steel; Empty 2 settling tanks (old sludge traps), clean, break off, dispose of everything; Wastewater / mixed water: incl.
Upper floor: Approximately prepare (grind) 745 m 2 screed surface; Approximately 830 m 2 primer (primer) on screed and wood-based panels; Approximately 35 lfdm separation rail; Approximately 830 m 2 upright lamellar parquet, Oak d = 23 mm (glued); Incl.
Facade works for the construction of a new service center incl.