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Disaster Management Center (DMC) Spokesman Sarath Lal Kumara said the distribution of food and other relief for those affected by the inclement weather was being carried out through the District Secretaries with the coordination of other regional stakeholders and tri-forces personnel.
a global leader in delivering video-based driver safety and compliance solutions, determined from analysis of its data that more drivers are apt to engage in distracted driving when weather conditions are clear than inclement weather.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Personnel of the Abu Dhabi Police's Air Wing braved the inclement weather and rescued three fishermen, including an Emirati captain whose fishing boat developed a technical snag while in the high seas, 15 nautical miles off Al Tawela area in Abu Dhabi.
1 037 schools across the country are closed for classes Friday either over the inclement weather of the flu epidemic.
LAHORE -- Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Federal Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan could not fly from here to Islamabad to attend the much hyped National Security conference held this morning due to inclement weather.
Hit by inclement weather, the launch of GSAT-16 was deferred for the second time on Friday after it was rescheduled to be put into space in the early hours on Saturday by Ariane 5 rocket.
Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK) due to inclement weather, India's External
HOW refreshing to note the comments of Cardiff councillors Neil McEvoy and Delme Bowen regarding the failure of extremely well-paid officers in dealing with failures in service delivery during the recent inclement weather ("We left snow battle to officials", December 31).
It's impossible to give a dependable estimate of the impact (on the economy) of the recent inclement weather," Mr Jones said.
CDATA[ The official public commemoration service to mark Mr Rabin's death was postponed until 7 November because of inclement weather last week.
The other is for those motorists who in inclement weather do not bother to put their lights on; and for those other motorists who only put sidelights on, which are about as much use as a candle on the dashboard.
Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) on 12 December announced travel options for customers whose flight plans may be affected by the inclement weather in the United States north-east.