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Addressing the topic of Inclusiveness through Connectivity, the Secretary-General emphasised the need for cross-pillar and cross-sectoral interactions in ASEAN, with the involvement of stakeholders at all levels.
Canada's commitment to inclusiveness is reflected in its political leadership.
The study said that the highest level of inclusiveness was achieved by allowing the poor to be employees, followed by investments in less developed areas.
On this scale, the levels are modest as well; the highest mean score collectively notched by respondents on indicators of inclusiveness (employing the poor as the indicator) is 4.
Celebrating the diversity and inclusiveness of Dubai, the second edition of the Emirates NBD Unity Run on Friday saw more than 3,000 people from different walks of life sharing in the joy of life.
Today NYC renamed W84th 'Elie Wiesel Way' in honor of a great humanitarian – an immigrant who believed in inclusiveness and love.
Actually, inclusiveness is an attribute that does not fit our cultural temperament, which is founded on exclusiveness.
Programmes like Start-Up Cup foster greater inclusiveness in Pakistan's economy particularly for women.
Its major goals are to strengthen academic cultures in diversity and inclusiveness and promote strategies to facilitate nurse educators' global engagement.
If growth slows down, neither the States nor the Centre will have the resources needed to implement inclusiveness programmes.
Both events, held as part of the Global Platform for Sourcing from Women Vendors, centred on inclusiveness, with a particular focus on increasing public and private procurement from women vendors, and with the aim of bringing more women-owned businesses into global value chains.
UNESCO and UNICEF are jointly promoting inclusiveness and diversity by drawing special attention to the issue of most marginalized groups, especially children and women with disabilities, who may be affected by multiple discriminations caused by disability, gender, and poverty.