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In this way, the objective and "descriptive" fragment embodies the incognizant spectatorship charged to the community.
In the context of evolved adaptations, strategy does not imply conscious deployment by an individual but, rather, the operation of cognitive mechanisms of whose functioning we are largely incognizant.
But the alchemist remains incognizant, unaware of the truth surrounding him and trying to capture his attention.
This can scarcely be overemphasized, for it helps elevate Swinburne from the status of a mere dandy, basking in art-induced highs while blissfully incognizant of societal dilemmas, and makes him instead a poet--and critic--with an ambitious cultural and political agenda.
Of course they can customize it on their own; we brought automated suggestion for completely incognizant person to help them get the best of trip planning.
This seems to have puzzled some critics who have questioned Mina's inability to transcribe the events that happened and will happen to her personally as if she were incognizant of those events; it seems to them that she could create a "distinctive voice for herself" only by "repeating and reconfiguring the language of others" (Riquelme 2002, 569-70).
Note the similar slippage from "I" into "we" that he contrives by snuggling up close to an incognizant Faustine: "The other nights I lie on a mat on the floor, beside her bed.