incoming population

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A] joint inquiry to look into the situation and determine whether interventions done by various stakeholders, such as the NHA, DOH, NEDA, DENR and local officials, are sufficient is a necessary action to address these existing health and sanitation issues and to prevent similar occurrences with the incoming population targeted for relocation,' she said.
It remains to be seen how the Bureau tackles the challenge of determining the credit history of the incoming population who may be here for only two or three years and may try to avail a loan" Al Qemzi concluded.
The report also recommends Welsh language induction and lessons for workers and their families, and investment in leisure facilities to accommodate the incoming population.
Community planning to handle that incoming population is ongoing.
They, of course, deny this, but the incoming population figures speak for themselves and now we are facing a return of this lethal disease which will require millions of pounds to stop and possibly cause more deaths.
That is because we have several large nightclubs in the town and a big incoming population of young people.
We need a consolidated green infrastructure policy to deal with the incoming population growth.
The incoming population has kept those communities alive.
As the incoming population began to spread west, Winnipeg, initially the only urban center with a population over 25,000, was joined by Calgary, Edmonton, and Regina, while city mission boards struggled heroically and often unsuccessfully to meet the population influx.
Thus the counterpart to Huntington's rejection of the Westernization of "the rest" (except possibly Latin America) is his insistence that while immigration can provide an infusion of "new vigor and human capital," it is imperative that the incoming population be assim ilated, that is, Westernized.
Just to keep up with the incoming population we would have to build 10,000 houses a year, and that would do nothing for the thousands already living in unacceptable conditions," Jose Luis Garza, Infonavit director in Ciudad Juarez, told The Christian Science Monitor.

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